we pride ourselves in
developing products
that make you feel beautiful,
without harming yourself
or the environment
you live in.

My introduction to makeup and skincare was at a very young age, I was very fascinated with how my mother would cleanse and apply her face creams daily, I watched very closely when my mother would apply her strip lashes and liquid liner so precisely. This was her morning routine and I could barely see above the counter to watch her, she would say to me ”If you’re a good girl, I will give you some makeup.” That was music to my ears, and I was such a good girl!!!

My mother was my inspiration that lead me to a career as a makeup artist and hair stylist…

I was always into the arts. I painted, sketched, danced, and sang. I got a scholarship for voice and realized college wasn’t for me. Through my choral ensemble at college, I met a someone who worked part time for a cosmetic company in a department store. She knew that I was passionate about makeup and told me about an opening in her store. I got the job and ended up working with many different skin tones and faces of all ages and color. It was the best training. I had no patience for school, I just wanted to do and work, this was the beginning of an amazing career in the beauty industry.

I used to use all kinds of skincare and makeup, I had to try everything!! Until one day about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with an immune disorder that was labeled “incurable.” I just thought it would go away after I went to my doctor. Unfortunately, it didn’t go away… I took myself to urgent care twice in the middle of the night, went to doctors and specialist, was on many different types of medication and nothing was working. I was not functioning and was in constant pain. As a mother of 4 little children, this was just not acceptable, mommies cant be sick!!! So I went to one last specialist. My husband kept telling me that I am not going to find a pill that will cure me and when I am willing to do the healing work he is there for me… so he was right and this last doctor told me to look into nutrition. When I heard that, I called my husband crying… and told him that I was willing to do the work now.

My husband, who is a holistic healer literally saved me. For the first week I could only eat 10 things. I had to get rid of all my skincare, cosmetics, toothpaste, all my toiletries were tested by him and discarded. My husband tested everything I used and I could only use products that were clean and non-toxic in order to fully recover. So my search for new skincare started. I discovered and researched ingredients, I spoke to many skincare specialists and researched for hours online. When I finally found beautiful plant based products, I discovered an incredible difference in my skin immediately. My skin felt smoother and looked more radiant than ever. 

So thank G-D for my wonderful husband that I fully recovered and now I want women of all ages to know and experience the power of plant based skincare. My husband and I have sourced out the most superior ingredients. Using ZULICA skincare is a simple and natural way to have healthy skin. We pride ourselves at ZULICA to develop products that make you feel beautiful, without harming yourself or the environment you live in. 
We thank you for choosing ZULICA and we look forward in welcoming you to a better world of beauty.
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